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Free Pet Checks at Penrith Homelessness Hub

In conjunction with the RSPCA, Coreen Ave Veterinary Clinic offered its services to clients at the Penrith Homelessness Hub.

People experiencing homelessness, sleeping rough or couch surfing were invited to a Homeless Hub held at The Joan Sutherland Centre.  A free barbecue breakfast was provided by Christ Mission Possible and a range of local services were available for people in need to access including food, clothing and hygiene items.

Nurse Kellie and Dr Christie vaccinated and health checked pets presented on the day and with the assistance of the RSPCA arranged desexing and follow-up assistance.

Coreen Ave Veterinary Clinic have been support this program since 2014 and now visit the Homelessness Hub four time a year. With the assistance of he RSPCA we are able to extend this support all year round to those in need

Vaccination Days with RSPCA

In October 2014, Nurses Kellie and Dennis assisted the RSPCA with a vaccination drive in the Cranebrook area . The aim of the day was to reduce the incidence of potential Parvovirus cases in the area this coming summer. Kellie & Dennis spent their Saturday health checking and assisting with the vaccinating and microchipping of 97 pets free of charge.

This program is now and annual event with RSPCA, Coreen Ave Veterinary Clinic and Universaty students combining to provide pets the best care possible.

Microchipping Days with Penrith City Council

Coreen Ave Veterinary Clinic prides itself on being an integral part of the Penrith community. We regularly attend community events involving pets.

Coreen Ave Veterinary Clinic is proud to be a partner of choice for Penrith City Council in the delivery of Educational Community Programs. The days provide information to community members about the care of their pets and raise awareness as to the importance of desexing, microchipping and vaccinating pets.

We happily donate the time of a Veterinarian and Veterinary Nurse, as well as products such as flea control, worming and vaccinations where possible for pets presented on the day.






2013 Blue Mountains Bush Fires

October 2013 saw a major bush fire crisis hit our community. There were entire streets whose distraught families were forced to evacuate or who had lost their homes, having to relocate to local halls, churches, schools and other forms of emergency accommodation. Coreen Ave Veterinary Clinic opened its doors to offer free boarding for pets affected by the crisis and took in 140 animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, birds and one Siamese fighting fish. We became a modern-day Noah’s Ark. All costs of feeding and housing were borne by the clinic with pets going home with care packs of food, bedding, carry cages, litter trays, feeding bowls and collars if needed. We also worked closely with WIRES to ensure local wildlife was taken care of.

Flossy the Staffie

Flossy had been hit by a car, with one of her hind legs severely fractured. Penrith Police delivered her to the clinic – her owner had been located but chose to surrender her. We repaired her fractured leg, desexed and vaccinated her, and put her through rehabilitation before finding her a new forever loving home. The cost of the surgery and treatment was met by the clinic and ongoing support was provided. Flossy still visits the staff regularly, the last time being for her photo with Dr Mark and Santa.


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