Ferrets & Pocket Pets

Pocket Pets are growing in popularity and are an ideal first pet for the family. Even though pocket pets come in a small package, they are no different to any other pet requiring food, water, grooming and TLC. At Coreen Ave Veterinary Clinic, our highly trained veterinarians and nurses love pocket pets. We regularly see ferrets, rabbits and guinea pigs and have a wealth of experience with these little pets. Many of our staff have pocket pets of their own so we understand the bond you have for your little pet.

Ferrets are a fabulously fun pet to own. They may not be the right pet for everyone, however in the right family they are as loyal as dogs, as inquisitive as cats and as playful as both.

Rabbits also make wonderful pets. They come in a variety of different breeds and sizes; from short coated dwarfs to fluffy giant Flemish rabbits.

Guinea Pigs are inquisitive creatures that make ideal pets due to their small size, ease of care and quiet nature. They are sociable animals and they should not be kept alone.

If you are thinking of adding a pocket pet to your family, we are happy to chat about your options.




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