Microchip Implantation

Microchipping is a permanent form of identification, and is a very important method of being able to locate an owner if a pet goes missing. For this reason it is important that you register your pet with council, so that you can be easily contacted if your pet wanders away from home.

A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice inserted beneath the skin between the shoulders. inside the microchip is a number that is read by a special scanner and held on a database (along with your contact details) with the Companion Animal Registry. This registry can only be accessed by authorised users.

It is very important to update your pets microchip details should you move address or change phone numbers. If you are unsure on how to do this please contact the clinic on (02)47 313 055.

By law, all puppies and kittens need to be microchipped by 12 weeks of age or at the time of sale, whichever is the earliest. Adult dogs and cats also need to be microchipped by law.

We can arrange to microchip your pet during routine consultations or while undergoing a surgical procedure.





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