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Sam’s Brave Battle

Sam is a 7 year old Beagle, who was bought in by his concerned owners because he had a lump that had suddenly appeard in his groin. Dr Miriam decided that the best plan of action was to surgically remove it & send it to the Pathologists to determine what the lump actually was.

Unfortunately, the histopathology confirmed that the lump was a lymph node affected by T-cell lymphoma. This is a very aggressive cancer in dogs and sadly can lead to death in 6 weeks. Dr Miriam arranged a consultation with the Veterinary Oncology Specialists and after discussions, x-rays, blood tests & an abdominal ultrasound, Sam began his chemotherapy regime.

Sam has been having weekly blood tests & multi drug chemotherapy that is specially made for his type of cancer. Sam runs into the clinic like it’s his second home and tolerates the treatment with minimal fuss. At home Sam has been extremely well with only a few days of slight nausea which immediately resolved with anti nausea medication.

Sam is a special Beagle who, 2 years ago was also diagnosed with epilepsy. During the chemotherapy he started seizuring again despite his medications. A specialist MRI at SASH and a visit to the neurologist fortunately showed no tumours in his brain. His medications were adjusted and he is now seizure free again.

Sam is still completing his chemotherapy that will last a total of 19 weeks. There is a good chance that his cancer will go into a long remission and even at a 15% chance of a complete cure. His owner is also considering a follow up bone marrow transplantation, performed by the oncologist, at the Animal Referral Hospital in Homebush. This would double his chance of being cured long term which means double fun times with Sam.



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