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Puppy Preschool

Coreen Ave Veterinary Clinic Puppy Pre-School provides the very best start for both you and your puppy, teaching you both basic training techniques before behavioural issues become ingrained.

Puppy Pre-School is absolutely essential to ensure your pup will grow into the family member that you dream of.

From 7:30pm to 8:30pm, one night a week for 4 weeks, your pup will learn basic skills in a positive, balanced and supportive learning environment. Nurses Claire and Shannon will be very happy to assist you with your Puppy Pre-School enquiries.

• Teach your puppy general manners and basic obedience

• Provide a safe environment for socialisation

• 6 weeks – 6 months of age

• Small class sizes

• One evening a week for 4 weeks.

Canine Learning Centre Programs

Do you have a busy schedule and a dog you love but who needs specific behavioural training? Puppy Day School is an easy way to get the training you need for your puppy before behavioural issues become ingrained.

From 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday for one week, your dog will learn basic skills and face both physical and mental challenges in a positive, balanced and supportive learning environment. Phone Nurse Kate for more information.

• 6 weeks – 6 months program

• 6 months – adult program

• Small class sizes

• 5 days of intensive training for a one-week block

• 8:30am – 4.30pm

• Intensive obedience training

• Safe environment for socialisation

• Individual programs can be developed to address your specific behavioural challenges.



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