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Coreen Avenue Veterinary Clinic

Coreen Avenue Veterinary Clinic is technology focussed, with a fully equipped laboratory, for immediate blood test results. We have state of the art anaesthetic monitoring and blood pressure testing.

Our records are computerised with inbuilt reminder system to help you look after your pets’ needs. We have access to many specialist veterinarians, with a visiting Specialist Radiologist and Ultrasonographer.



We offer the full range of services including:

• Vaccinations
Desexing male & female pets
Radiology, with specialist referral
Ultrasound, with attendant specialist weekly
Behaviour problem diagnosis & treatment, with accredited veterinarian
Puppy Preschool & Adult dog training, with accredited trainer
Alternative therapies (acupuncture) , with accredited veterinarian
• Pharmacy
Pathology laboratory
Orthopaedic surgery – for broken bone repair, hip surgery and knee reconstructions
• Cancer treatments, with oncology services
• Microsurgery procedures
Microchipping and scanning facilities
• Cardiology
• Gastrointestinal medicine and surgery
• Arthritis diagnosis and treatment
• Allergy testing, diagnosis and treatment
Prescription diets and weight control consultations
• Neurology examinations
• Specialist consultation referrals
• Geriatric pet care
• Eye care and ophthalmology, with attending specialist monthly

We also offer the following additional services for your convenience:

Boarding for all pets
• Cat boarding in the exclusive cat only clinic in luxury condominiums
Ambulance service
Do-it-yourself Hydrobath in ‘Barky Park’ – an indoor turfed exercise & play area

We also operate a Kitten Adoption Program, providing animal welfare for orphaned kittens and cats that require rehoming. However, what we pride ourselves on the most is having caring, friendly and understanding staff, who provide Quality Loving Care for you and your pets.

To learn more about our services or to book an appointment, contact Coreen Ave Veterinary Clinic


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